fuck…just remembered i gotta be up before 9 tomorrow, lol

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If you’re in college right now

Check the syllabus for each one of your classes right now while you bullshittin

Don’t fall behind this early in the semester off some bullshit

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I want us to make each other better.
― someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)
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remember that time that i made you mad?

we kinda stopped talking since

yet i still want to see you

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u a tease

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I just really want to get over her, man..

commas bro!

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Pussy is power, but so is money.

(Source: 4foot7)

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Have you got color in your cheeks?
Do you ever get the fear that you can’t shift the type
That sticks around like summat in your teeth?
Are there some aces up your sleeve?

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yooo im just tryna fuck
― me when im drunk af
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