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There’s so much I miss

This, that, you.

Even more i missed out on,

This, that, and you.

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It ain’t how you die, it’s how you breathe
It ain’t what you take, it’s what you leave and conceive
What you got is nothing if your soul don’t represent it
Present it, it ain’t where you from, it’s where you’ve been, kid

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Fuck. I want her.
As soon as I saw her. (via incednia)

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People with improper grammar…

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I see the hurt when I look into your eyes

How you struggle to hold it and keep in bundled inside

It drives a dull blade deep in my heart; it makes me want to cry

So I offer you a hand to help wash away the rainy skies

I’m running out of words, but I haven’t yet made my message clear

So if none of this makes sense, I just want you to know I’m here

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I cheated myself, like I knew, I would
O told you, I was trouble and know, that I’m no good

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Is great.

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There’s a difference between having a ‘more things to learn’ and ‘more things to remember’ mindset when it comes to school. Shit, when it comes to anything, really.

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